STASHED x Jorge Gitoo Wright: The Creative Who’s Making A Statement

STASHED x Jorge Gitoo Wright:  The Creative Who’s Making A Statement

Photographed by Mel D. Cole

This June we celebrate Pride and Juneteenth, two holidays that employ and embrace strength in the face of injustice. Pride is a holiday that triumphs celebratory love and Juneteenth, the oldest national holiday commemorating emancipation from slavery in the United States honors Black culture, achievements and the freedom to be. 

At Stashed, we’re celebrating Black Queer creatives who are trailblazers in the creative industry, whose stories are awe-inspiring.

“In my teenage years, I was confident but didn’t have anything to back it up yet.” 

 – Jorge Gitoo Wright

Following Jorge “Gitoo” Wright’s journey from adolescence to who he is today is inspiring, and also cathartic. When one looks at Wright’s social media, you’ll be quick to see several sponsors and partnerships, all of whom gravitate towards his enigmatic character and work ethic. From Telfar x UGG to Calvin Klein, he has cultivated a stunning portfolio.

Photographed by Mel D. Cole 

But what actually keeps Wright grounded are his friends and community, who are also Black and Queer. He credits them for giving him a safe space on days when he isn’t at his peak.

George Floyd’s murder had an undeniable butterfly effect on our world, but also on the industries that Wright occupies. After BLM protests, when brands would reach out to him, it was with more caution and care than before:

“They were like ‘You don’t have to answer this [email] right now’ or ‘We understand if this isn’t the best time,’” Wright says.

Wright states that this more recent outpouring compassion, empathy, and patience should’ve been more of the norm when brands sought out Black creatives in the past.

 “Now you know how to treat me, now you know how to approach me, because you have a tidbit of the Black experience.”

 Photographed by Mel D. Cole

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