Earth Day 2020

Earth Day 2020

What is Earth day I hear you say! Earth day has been celebrated on April 22nd since 1970.

Let's get to the details about Earth day - the aim is to raise awareness on “our” negative impact on the earth. If we are honest this day maybe has not been as significant in previous years as it today. Right now as you read this we are facing a Global Pandemic, COVID 19 aka Coronavirus. Global warming continues to be an issue for us all as we have seen & experienced some of the worst hurricanes, storms, and Earthquakes in human history. Let's look at the positives from the last 45 days and how we can contribute towards Earth day.

Kerala, India - Malaga’s Civet cat roaming the deserted streets of Kozhikode, This cat was deemed critically endangered and only surfaced in the 1990’

Santiago, Chile - A Puma was seen in the town center whilst the country continues to be under curfew

Barcelona, Spain - Wild boars have descended from the Hills

Paris, France - Ducks walking around the theater's district

Italy - Venice canals reported the water as running clear, there have been reports that “Dolphins & Swans” have appeared however National Geographic shut those rumors down. The water is clearer due to the lack of usage of boats and the ports being closed.

I was happy believing “Flipper” wanted to get some pizza and took a swim to Italy but National Geographic knows best.

What this rumor did was remind us all that we need to do better and sometimes take a pause and think about the beautiful earth we live on and most importantly how our individual actions impact “Nature”.

Here are a few ideas you can think about that will support Earth day today and while we all stay home. What's great about the team at Stashed is we are doing our best to WFH, this is because as a team we believe in playing our part.

  • Say no to plastic in your home and goods you purchase - Refrain from using Plastic straws, use a reusable water bottle it will keep your water chilled
  • Make sure you recycle whilst at home - It takes two minutes to separate the trash. (Glass, Plastics, Cans, Cardboard/ Paper & Food waste) 
  • If you need to make an essential run to the store - Try to use your own bags where possible (Paper or canvas is always preferred).
  • Opt-in for ‘Paperless” bills & or bank statements. Paying bills or making online purchases is quick and convenient. If every US household received electronic statements, we could save 18.5 million trees
  • Buy sustainable products - Products that are made using recyclable materials 
  • Use energy-efficient light bulbs - Who knew lights caused pollution?... We didn’t until now!
  • Leave your car at home and walk to your local stores or to work 
  • Try to eat less meat - How does Meatless Monday sound to you? 
  • Finally share the knowledge with friends and family so they too can contribute to making this Earth better.

What brands would you like to see do an Earth day theme collection? 

The team here at Stashed believes ‘Fear of God’ could be a great brand to bring the message of Earth day forward. The brands designer @jerrylorenzo has previously shown a “disdain for traditional fashion calendars”. Earth day could lend a great inspiration to the color palette and Fear of God could bring the message to the masses.

Virgil Abloh’s “Off White” is also a brand the team here at Stashed feel would do great things with the “Earth day” theme... Could you imagine a carry on case covered in green moss? We are excited to see how he integrates his new logo into his collection.

@Virgilabloh let us know and we would be happy to carry the collection exclusively here at Stashed! 

From the team here at Stashed, Happy Earth Day

Stay home & stay safe 

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