STASHED X J.Scott: The Musician Who Aims To Keep Growing

STASHED X J.Scott: The Musician Who Aims To Keep Growing

Photographed by Mel D. Cole

This June we celebrate Pride and Juneteenth, two holidays that employ and embrace strength in the face of injustice. Pride is a holiday that triumphs celebratory love and Juneteenth, the oldest national holiday commemorating emancipation from slavery in the United States honors Black culture, achievements and the freedom to be. 

At Stashed, we’re celebrating Black Queer creatives who are trailblazers in the creative industry, whose stories are awe-inspiring. 

I don’t like to be in a box, and be drawn with lines and sh*t like that.” – J. Scott

For J. Scott, the move to NYC was the defining change necessary for him to become the artist he is today. One that is full of color, vibrancy, and the ability to lure audiences in with his performances.

Photographed by Mel D. Cole

For him, working at his day job at an advertising agency and just clocking out every day wasn’t fulfilling, and the city of New York lent him a new path on which to pivot the trajectory of his career. In 2020 he released “Adoration,” and ended 2020 with over 26.K streams in over 78 countries. 
Scott’s humble beginnings and the experience of growing up Black and Gay shapes his art form, but sometimes presented challenges during his adolescence:

“In some instances you’re seen as Black first, and in other instances you’re seen as gay first.”

“Am I being too feminine? Was I Black enough? Am I gay enough?

“Should I be as flamboyant? Or should I tone it down? ‘Cause I don’t want to get in a fight every f******* day,” he reflects.

In the present, J. Scott is his most authentic self, exuding confidence and appreciation for his growth.

“At this age, I’m very much secure in myself, and knowing what I bring to the table—which is the table.” 

Photographed by Mel D. Cole

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