Stashed x Studio Bang-Gu "I Wish I Could Wear This Outside" Tee Shirt

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ABOUT THE DESIGNER: @_lazydaizy &

Studio Bang-Gu is a collaborative design practice founded by Daisy (Dal Hae) Lee & Lucien Ng in 2016. Engaged in ongoing partnerships in the fields of art & commerce, our work is fueled by a multifaceted influence of eastern and western sensibilities.With a combined background in design, motion, fashion and technology, our creative process is rooted in ideas first; unbounded by a singular discipline. We are obsessed by an interdisciplinary design approach that allows us to create contemporary and unconventional forms of expressions with our collaborators.


Our t-shirt highlights the constant fear asians are going through; ever since the pandemic started. At first, it was a racial slur or two, now it has escalated into random attacks on the street. There isn’t a place we can feel safe anymore.

This concept represent our feelings and thoughts about voicing out against these racist hate crimes, and our worries that we will get attacked too.