Stashed x OTOTO "Not Your Model Minority" Tee Shirt

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ABOUT THE DESIGNER: @_taylortakahashi & @ototo_clothing

I’m an actor, designer, creator, brother, and son. Every step of the creative process is necessary in seeing things come to life - from idea, to sketch, to digital graphic and ultimately a finished physical product you can hold. My love for color theories is the core of my inspiration which allows me to explore my creativity. 


I wanted my design to be something that I would be actively walking around and preaching on the streets. Immediately I wanted to involve an aspect of basketball because, throughout my life, it’s been my own living proof to the “not your model minority” experience. The back graphic of the court lines represents not being afraid of stepping outside of the boundaries or limitations that are created and challenging yourself to break away from the myth or mold that some may put on you. The front was designed to tie my bay area roots and the lessons of solidarity that I've learned through the game of basketball.