Stashed x Studio Bang-Gu "Stop Asian Hate" Tee Shirt

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Studio Bang-Gu is a collaborative design practice founded by Daisy (Dal Hae) Lee & Lucien Ng in 2016. Engaged in ongoing partnerships in the fields of art & commerce, our work is fueled by a multifaceted influence of eastern and western sensibilities. With a combined background in design, motion, fashion, and technology, our creative process is rooted in ideas first; unbounded by a singular discipline. We are obsessed with an interdisciplinary design approach that allows us to create contemporary and unconventional forms of expression with our collaborators.


In Chinese culture, the talisman is an object ascribed with religious or magical powers intended to protect and heal. Our t-shirt is transformed into a talisman to ward off Asian hate crimes and racism. This concept represents the desperation and paranoia felt by Asians, our desire to live, and that we just want to be left alone.